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Blazersedge Scrubdown: Round 1 Redux--Error Corrected

Before we get to the final matchup of the second round of the Blazersedge Scrubdown, I have to fix a mistake I made in Round 1.  After the first round matchup of Drazen Petrovic vs. Calvin Natt was announced I got a fair amount of mail stating that Natt didn't belong in this category of player.  It was a statement I agreed with.  The truth was, I wanted a decent opponent for Drazen in the first round to make sure the contest was exciting, and on my short list of six or so really good players who could have opposed him, Natt was probably the least remembered and popular.  So I thought including him might work.  Upon further consideration, it was the wrong move.  I had spent tons of time keeping 20 ppg guys out of the contest and one sneaked in at the end.  So we're rectifying today...

First, Calvin Natt has been promoted to a survey we'll run next summer covering guys in between the Scrubdown and the All-Time Franchise Icon level...guys you're sure to remember even more fondly than you do some of the Scrubdown players.  So he's out of the Scrubdown for now, playing in a higher league next year.

Second, in the second of three surprises in as many days, the Drazen Petrovic matchup is being redone today.  Drazen is back in.  But he's not waltzing into the second round unopposed.  Instead he'll be facing another popular player and media personality of yore, Kermit Washington.  Both Drazen and Kermit were beloved but only one will continue on to tomorrow's final second round matchup.

This is the contest you should have had last week.  Let us know who advances.

--Dave (