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A Few Personnel Notes

A couple of quick notes.

Scott Zachry, the Executive Producer of Blazers Broadcasting, will be stepping out of "the chair" during broadcasts this year to transition into a more traditional Executive Producer role.  Zachry says his responsibilities will include "television A-Z, radio A-Z and online video."

Zachry said "the chair" duties -- that is, game-night authority for what you see and hear during television broadcasts -- will be taken over by Jeff Curtin, who has been promoted to Producer from Associate Producer. "There shouldn't be a tangible difference" in the product you see on television, Zachry said. "Of course every producer has a different style but the talent and programming should all look the same."

As for the search to replace Rebecca Haarlow, it's just beginning and it's wide open.  "I've gotten interest both from in-market and nationally.  I'm taking tapes from all over the country," Zachry said this morning.  "Male, female, we have no preconceived notions about what we're looking for."  Zachry did say he's looking for someone with knowledge of and passion for the game of basketball. There is currently no timeline set to fill the position and the process will pick up during August, which is traditionally the slowest month on the NBA calendar.

Thoughts on the ideal Blazers Broadcasting sideline reporter? Any candidates you would like to float? Keep it clean and thoughtful please.

Finally, Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reported on Twitter that Kevin Tucker, Phoenix's Director of Security, is heading to Portland to fill a similar capacity.

And, in case you missed it yesterday, Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Hawks Director of Pro Personnel Steve Rosenberry could be one of Rich Cho's Assistant GMs.

Update (3:01PM):  Another name to watch for Cho's Assistant GM positions is Bill Branch. Branch has a long history in the NBA as an assistant coach, director of scouting and, now, as Director of Pro Personnel in Oklahoma City. He worked with Cho in both Seattle and Oklahoma City.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter