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Blazers vs. Thunder: The OTHER Division Team

Friday's divisional discussion centered around the two traditional rivals of the Portland Trail Blazers, the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz.  In some ways they are yesterday's news.  The glaring omission in that discussion was the new, hot rival on the block:  the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Thunder are media darlings just like the Blazers were a couple of years ago.  The Thunder have a star-studded core like the Blazers field.  The Thunder are young enough to challenge for years to come just as the Blazers are.  It's a great storyline...a matchup made in heaven.

So let's cut to the chase.  How do the Blazers and Thunder match up this year?  In years to come?  Will this be THE rivalry that defines the West in this decade?  Who will come out on top?  Why?  What has to happen to create that outcome?  Toss around all your Portland-OKC stuff today.

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