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A Little More From Rich Cho On Greg Oden's Knee Bone

This afternoon, Portland Trail Blazers general manager Rich Cho told 1080 AM The Fan that center Greg Oden was "on schedule" in his knee rehabilitation process but that he was unable to provide a recovery timeline because, "When I spoke with the doctors and the trainer, it's hard to say how fast the bone will heal."

Tonight, Cho tells Blazersedge that Oden's patellar bone "looks healed both on the X-ray and the CT scan but there's no way to conclusively tell how strong it is until you start putting it under stress." Stress, in this case, refers to increasing amounts of activity. "We have a couple months until the season," Cho said, repeating that the team will not rush Oden through the rehabilitation process. "Eventually, the bone will get stronger and stronger."

Cho said that he received a "debriefing" on every player, including Oden, from Portland's training staff when he was hired and that he continues to receive "very, very frequent reports on Oden's progress."

Cho also noted that his trip to Indiana to visit Oden this week was the result of an invitation from Oden and that the two used the trip to "get to know each other and start a relationship."

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter