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Blazersedge Scrubdown: Matchup #12

It's the final matchup of the first round of the Scrubdown and it's a fun one.  Today you get to choose between Drazen Petrovic and Calvin Natt.  Only one can advance to the second round.  First round Scrubdown voting closes Monday at 11:59, so get your votes in for this and any of the other matchups you've missed.  We're adding features for the second round that you're sure to love (plus maybe some surprises) so make sure your preferred players go forward.

In case you missed them, here are the matchups:

  1. Antonio Daniels vs. Caldwell Jones  
  2. Robert Pack vs. Nick Van Exel
  3. Stacey Augmon vs. Gary Trent
  4. Viktor Khryapa vs. Audie Norris
  5. Fred Jones vs. Sergio Rodriguez
  6. Tom Owens vs. Wayne Cooper
  7. Kelvin Ransey vs. Who???
  8. Darnell Valentine vs. Tracy Murray
  9. Danny Young vs. Sebastian Telfair
  10. Mark Bryant vs. Channing Frye
  11. Michael Holton vs. Antonio Harvey

Also don't forget to submit your Blazersedge T-Shirt ideas.  You have only 8 days left to take your shot.

--Dave (