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Blazersedge Scrubdown: Matchup #2

The Blazersedge Scrubdown continues with our second head-to-head matchup.  The explanation is in the gray box.  If you already know what you're doing, by all means continue and enjoy!

When we talk about Blazers history we usually mention icons with retired numbers who played in our favorite eras.  What about the rest of the guys?  Who is the most notable Blazer outside of Drexler, Porter, Walton, Lucas, Sabonis, Vandeweghe, Paxson and company?  Despite the clever "scrubdown" name I didn't pick true scrubs for the brackets.  I'm not confident we're ready to debate the merits of Joe Wolf versus Alaa Abdelnaby.  Rather these are Blazers whose names you will (or at least should) recognize who were never long-term starters and probably had zero or one fantastic years for the team.

In each post two Blazers of yore will go head-to-head.  In the comment section (no polls, as they can be spammed) you vote for your favorite of the two.  You can use any criteria you wish:  stats, contributions, personality, your fond memories, who you'd like to have now, even just that you like one guy's name better than the other!  It's meant to be an interesting exercise without being overly serious, you know?  The only rule is that you should give the most weight to the Portland portion of these players' careers rather than what they did before or after.  If you do have memories or solid reasons for favoring one guy over the other, please share them in the body of your comment.  Be sure and place your actual vote in the subject line.  We'll narrow down 24 players over the next few weeks until we hit the Final Three, one of which will be the official winner.

Today's matchup:  Robert Pack versus Nick Van Exel.  Who's your choice to advance?

--Dave (