Sierra: Rudy's Agent Says Situation In Portland Isn't Reparable


Over on, Jorge Sierra has a lengthy interview with Andy Miller, agent for Moody Rudy Fernandez. ----------------------------- "Portland and I have had numerous discussions, almost daily, on the situation," Andy Miller told "I think this situation is headed for a collision course because Rudy’s perspective on where he wants to be and what he wants to do and how he wants to accomplish it is on the opposite of the spectrum from where Portland sees the situation. "I don’t think (the relationship) is reparable." ... "The least of Rudy’s concerns is the minutes," Miller said. "That has been portrayed as the main issue because it’s the easiest way to evaluate statistically. When Rudy came to the NBA, he was at that point certainly the No. 1 player in Spain and one of the top players in the NBA. Him coming to the NBA was solely about one goal and that goal was to achieve a lifelong dream of challenging his basketball skills at the highest level, see how good an NBA player he could be. That opportunity and that platform were communicated and portrayed to him in a different light than what the reality has become." ----------------------------- -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter