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A New Old Question

The Perseids are calling so I'm going to present you with a short question we've asked before.  But the make-up of the team changes each year meaning that the answer may too.

You know, for the most part, what this team is going to look like come fall.  Assume no major trades between now and then.  (I believe the Blazers are trying, but their success?  That's up in the air.)  We're giving you a magic wand and letting you bring back one Blazer from the past to relive his Blazer tenure.  You don't get any seasons he played for other teams.  Also to avoid the obvious let's stay away from all-time franchise guys like Drexler and Walton.  With those guidelines, you get to add one former Blazer to the 2010-11 lineup.  Who will it be?  In the past a lot of people have liked Arvydas Sabonis, but with 2.5 centers competing for playing time already, do you have a different answer?  Comment below and let us know who and why.

--Dave (