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Audio: Sports Ticker Interview

Portland Public Schools runs KBPS 1450 AM, a student-driven radio station, out of Benson High School.  Sam Tongue and Sean Philipsen, two Blazersedge-reading radio professionals in training, host an hourly sports talk show on KBPS called Sports Ticker.

On Tuesday I joined Sam and Sean for a pretty lengthy chat about the Blazers offseason. They turned the conversation into a two-part interview. 

  • Here's a link to Part One.  Segment starts at the 13 minute mark. Topics: What's the biggest story of the offseason? First impressions of Rich Cho. Do we need more Rich Cho? Thoughts on Assistant GMs (before today's official hiring).
  • Here's a link to Part Two Segment starts at the 12 minute mark. Topics: Any major trades coming this offseason? Should Portland play hard ball with Rudy Fernandez? Brief thoughts on the Western Conference preview from ESPN's experts. I missed Dave last week. All Star expectations for Greg Oden?
Listening back through these podcasts, you've gotta love Sam and Sean's knowledge level, research and passion for their work.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter