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Thursday Discussion Topic #2

To offset the far more serious and pervasive LeBron discussion below, a more whimsical post that owes a debt to our friends at Bluebird Banter who have developed a reputation for describing the ups and downs of their team using song lyrics.

If you had to describe the Blazers and the community around them at this point in time, either describing this summer or where the team sits as a whole, what song lyric or title would you use?  If you want to extend into next season and employ an anticipatory song feel free.

Me?  I'll focus on the here and now and go with the Righteous Brothers' "You Lost that Lovin' Feeling" in tribute to fans being upset over the front office turmoil and the national media falling out of love with the team after an injury-filled year cut them out of a deep playoff run.

Your turn, lyric buffs!

--Dave (