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Thursday Discussion Topic #1 (a.k.a. The LeBron James Open Thread)

It's LeBron James Day around the league today, all but an official holiday. Everyone is supposed to raise their LeBron James flags, decorate the LeBron James tree, go door to door singing LeBron carols, take their children to find the eggs that LeBron James left strewn all over, and most of all remember all the LeBron Jameses who have gone before us, giving up their lives so we can see other teams besides theirs win year after year in the Conference Finals. How can you fight that? Since the Big Announcement is happening today, we'll play the game and throw it open to your speculation and discussion. Where do you think LeBron will end up? What kind of difference will it make? And most of all, do you care?

Personally I could do without the extra stuff surrounding his signing. This ain't college. There are no recruiting classes and letters of intent and I like it that way. We didn't need a special program for Wilt Chamberlain, Magic and Larry, Micheal Jordan, Shaq, or Kobe Bryant to tell us which team they were deigning to receive millions and millions of dollars from. I don't need to watch the LeBron Show either. If it's Miami, so be it. They better win championships or they'll have more collective egg on their faces than any team in history. I want to know who gets the ball when the game is on the line plus which of that prestigious trio takes the back seat and which takes the rear-facing back seat with the hump. If it's New York I think LBJ is in for a long wait for a ring. Myself, I hope he just stays in Cleveland. Either way, get the deal done and let's play ball.

Your thoughts? Share them below.

--Dave (

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Quotes from tonight's announcement are here.

[UPDATE:] LeBron announces that he will play for the Miami Heat. Everyone can resume the rest of their lives now. Again, my big question is who gets the ball when the game is on the line. None of these guys are used to not finishing as the #1 man. They should have plenty of regular season wins but it'll be interesting to see them come up against a really good playoff team.

[UPDATE:] You must read this insane open letter to Cavs fans from Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert. -- Ben

[UPDATE:] Jerryd Bayless responds to the Dan Gilbert letter on twitter...

I hope that the letter that was put out was not really wrote by Dan Gilbert. If it was him that was foul...