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Greg Oden Summer Workout Photos

In case you missed it last night, Greg Oden went and got himself a fresh haircut: a box cut with racing stripes.  I dub it the "pinewood derby".  During this morning's kickoff practice for Las Vegas Summer League, Oden was putting in work in the team's weight room.

Oden -- smiling, dancing, meeting some new teammates, exchanging handshakes and, most importantly, moving freely -- went through a varied workout program with trainer Jay Jensen and other Blazers staffers.  He spent some time on a balance ball, lifting a weight ball above his head.  He did some knee strengthening exercises, moving forwards and backwards in a crouch.  He spent a fair bit of time on a treadmill, alternating speeds and getting up to a quick jog while catching some Orlando Summer League coverage on a nearby television.  He did a bunch of stretching too and looked tired at times.

How fit is he?  It's difficult to tell with the long sleeve shirt.  One thing is for sure: he's still a brick wall, a supersized version of anyone else in the gym today.  Past that, it was difficult to make any determination. He closed his workout with a weigh-in and walked with a purposeful, hitch-free stride.  The team's Summer League coach, Kaleb Canales, said he thought Oden looked "good" and said he was happy to see him in the gym recently.

Alright, enough of the rundown.  Here's a slideshow of images from Oden's workout.  Click here for the full size slideshow or check it out below.

So how does he look?

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

PS More from practice coming later today or tomorrow.