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Early Weekend Discussion: What Has Worldwide Wes Done For You?

On the heels of Ben's Fanshot quoting media sources crediting shadowy, powerful NBA legend Worldwide Wes for Portland hiring Rich Cho and attributing him as the King-maker in any Chris Paul deal, I figured it was time to get everything out in the open.  We all need to come clean and confess what Worldwide Wes has done for us.  It already started in that Fanshot but with a topic this important and revealing a dedicated main page post is a must.

I guess I'll start.  Here's what I know for sure:

  • I was all set to marry a statuesque, blonde Swedish nanny until Worldwide Wes stepped in and brokered a deal for me to marry my current wife.  I think the nanny married some other guy, though they've reportedly hit the rocks.
  • Without Worldwide Wes we'd be hearing from TominTuscaloosa.
  • Worldwide Wes suggested the Commissioner changing his name from David Friendly would make him seem more powerful.
  • Worldwide Wes paid for Luke Babbitt to have reconstructive surgery so he'd resemble Ben Golliver, making Blazer fans accept him quicker.
  • Worldwide Wes made the second "e" in "Blazersedge" lower-case.
  • He also makes 500 comments in every Junk Drawer, each under a separate name.

I'm continuing my research.  When I get to the bottom of more events manipulated by W.W.W. I'll let you know.  In the meantime, fess up.  It's time to break the silence.  How has Worldwide Wes manipulated or outright changed your life, for better or worse?  What have you heard that he's done?  Share in the comments below.

--Dave (