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Down to brass tacks, putting the rubber to the's the question of the hour, especially as people go back and forth about moves that the Blazers should or shouldn't make:

Do you think the Blazers have the capability of winning an NBA Championship in the next five years as they are currently constituted?

Granted one or two moves are certain to come, but assume that the core remains the same as you consider the question.  Our new GM has inferred the answer is no.  What's your take?

Bonus Question:  If the Blazers could get Chris Paul (and I'll believe that the exact moment I see it) at the cost of Nicolas Batum, another young guy, and some contracts but leaving the Big Three intact, would that change your answer?

Have at it.

--Dave ( 

Note:  This is NOT a Chris Paul trade suggestion thread.  We've done that already.  The question is simple:  Would acquiring Chris Paul change your assessment of Portland's championship chances?