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Top Priority for Cho?

Ben's been filling up the content barrel this week with his interview with Chad Buchanan and an introduction to Rich Cho so I'm laying low a little.  But I didn't want to let the moment pass without remarking that, after whirlwind introductions to the public Monday and the same in the office Tuesday, this is likely the first day that General Manager Cho will sit down and address the topic, "OK...what now?"  I don't know if Blazersedge will be among the sources he consults as he answers that question but the site does get read from time to time at Blazer Headquarters so I thought I'd open the floor for you to assist Mr. Cho with your best wisdom and insight.  If you had to red flag one priority above all others as the next step on the road to success for the Portland Trail Blazers, what would it be?  What should Rich Cho's top priority be?

The comment section is open.

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