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Friday Free Agency News Thread

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Here's your open thread for Friday free agency buzz.  Blazers news and rumors have been awfully quiet so far, which is to be expected with no GM.

While most of the major signing talk is happening in the Eastern Conference (Milwaukee, New York, Miami, Atlanta) or in the Developmental League (Minnesota Timberwolves), a few moves have gone down that have Western Conference implications next season.  

First, Phoenix committed fairly big money to Channing Frye and reasonable money to Hakim Warrick in anticipation of an Amar'e Stoudemire move east.  If Stoudemire was determined to leave (and all recent signs pointed to that), Phoenix could have done a lot worse than they did.  With that said, they are set to take a fairly large step back next season.  Good news for Portland.  

Indeed, early buzz has it shaping up to be an ideal world for Portland with Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carlos Boozer (possibly) in the East next year.  Bosh to the Rockets (or Mavericks?) remains the biggest potential East-to-West defection unless you really believe in the power of David Lee.

The Lakers, meanwhile, may or may not be targeting Mike Miller with their mid-level exception.  You can certainly quibble over whether he's a guy that you want to give five years to, but there's no doubt he's a championship piece for them over the next 2 or 3 years. It's possible that the external move that will most directly impact Portland's chances next year is how the Lakers use their mid-level exception.

Speaking of the Lakers, point guard Jordan Farmar tells ESPN LA that the Blazers are in the mix for his services.

Indiana was the early front-runner to sign Farmar, but the 23-year old told via text message "Portland is right there too."    

Difficult to see that happening.

Also, the Memphis Grizzlies gave mini-max money to Rudy Gay.  They're still at least a piece away from the playoffs.

Hearing other rumors?  Drop them in the comments and discuss. We'll continue to update as substantive news or rumors involving the Blazers come to light.

PS  ehmiliano posted in the FanShots: former Blazers point guard Sergio Rodriguez completed his NBA life cycle today and will return to Spain, signing a three year deal with Real Madrid. 

Update: 11:33AM  

Rip City Project keeps the Chad Ford rumor pipeline going:  Reportedly, LaMarcus Aldridge was offered for Devin Harris and Derrick Favors.  Ford should write a column called "Kevin Pritchard's near-misses... that never really stood a chance" and get it over with in one shot.

Update 2:16PM

Randy Pfund is next on Portland's GM interview list via Jason Quick via Sean Meagher.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter