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Summer League Game 1 Open Thread

Not to take away from the Wesley Matthews saga but the Trail Blazers do have their first Summer League game this afternoon at 3:00 versus Houston.  Here's the full schedule.  

Reminder: all five Summer League games will be broadcast on 95.5 FM and Comcast Sports Northwest.  You might also be able to catch the action on's League Pass Broadband. If you're watching or listening, please share your impressions.  Everyone else can let us know what you want to see out of this Summer League and who you're looking forward to finding more about.

Personally I'd love to see Dante Cunningham rip his way through the venue.  I don't necessarily mean he should score a bundle, rather I'd like him to serve notice that he's going to take what he wants from the NBA starting this week against players who shouldn't be on the same court as he, lest they get hurt and pounded and ground into dust.  Having D.C. all over the court and his opponents would make this an exciting July no matter what the win-loss record.

What's your take?  Comment up to and through the game right here.  And don't miss Ben Golliver's comprehensive Summer League preview right here.

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