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Oden and Batum

The early signings in this 2010 Free Agent Bonanza are making clear that talent is going at a premium price on the open market.  The Blazers won't have the financial wherewithal to sign prime free agents, though they'll hope value is left on the MLE scene when the dust settles.  Nothing prevents Portland from pursuing trades, however.  If a big-time talent were to come that would be the mechanism.  We've talked specific trades and "tradability" in general but it's becoming clear that the levers to pry talent from other teams, distinguishing Portland from competitors with instant cap relief to offer, are going to be Nicolas Batum and Greg Oden.  Unless the Blazers are willing to consider trading one of these guys alongside the more usually-named suspects opposing GM's are probably going to hang up the phone.  So I want to ask outright today:

1.  Would you trade one or both of these players?

2.  If so, for whom?  Names are encouraged but you don't have to be completely specific.  Just let us know under what general circumstances you'd consider moving them.

Comments are open.

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