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Poll: Should Paul Allen Pull The Trigger?

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<em>via ESPN's Pardon The Interruption.</em>
via ESPN's Pardon The Interruption.

This morning Dwight Jaynes adds his name to the list calling for Paul Allen to turn the page on Portland's recent front office turmoil by firing General Manager Kevin Pritchard immediately.

This whole saga is pretty amazing.

Larry Miller comes out with some form of support for Pritchard while a search firm is looking for his replacement and nobody in the NBA or Rose Quarter that I can find believes there's a chance he will return next season. Meanwhile, he's preparing to run this team's draft day?

Really, Paul Allen? It's getting about time, I'm afraid, to go ahead and pull the trigger on this whole thing. You can't have it both ways. You can't let make full plans for letting the guy go and at the same time get 100 percent out of him on draft day. I just don't think people are made that way.

As mentioned on Monday, John Canzano wrote that the situation is an overwhelming distraction...

Allen needs to cut Pritchard loose. Fire him today. Set him free. Start over. If only to allow the organization to get its focus back. The Blazers are distracted again, and the organization can't find its way while the so-called leaders of the organization are busy buffing the shine off the guy they once declared as their Golden Boy.

Over the weekend, I asked whether Pritchard should resign and the Yes/No votes were nearly equal. As Pritchard has shown no indication that he is contemplating resignation, I'd like to pose the flipside question: Should Paul Allen pull the trigger on Kevin Pritchard?

This poll is not necessarily meant to be a referendum on the job that Kevin Pritchard has done here in Portland. Rather, a judgment on the entire management situation as it stands today. Day after day of ugly headlines. National television shows like ESPN's Pardon The Interruption questioning your franchise. Distractions, personality conflicts, and repeated questions about your organization's competence and character heading into the draft and free agency seasons. The increasingly difficult-to-envision possibility that all of the pieces can be put back together in a timely manner. Do Pritchard's many skills still outweigh the negatives of the situation and story that surround him now?

In my mind, this poll boils down to, "Are the Blazers past the point of no return with KP?" That's a tough question to answer. That's why I'm asking you.

Please vote and weigh in down in the comments.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter