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The Dontonio Wingcast Episode 028

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Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton and I are back with an extra-special edition of The Dontonio Wingcast thanks to our lengthy conversation with a special guest: Jonathan Givony of Draft Express.

Over the course of roughly 25 minutes, I pick Jonathan's brain on a number of topics, including...

  • What kind of presence do the Blazers have in scouting circles?
  • Who might the Blazers be targeting in the first round?  Is it true they plan to trade up? If so, who might be potential targets?
  • Thoughts on Kevin Seraphin and Trevor Booker, two players Draft Express has slated going to the Blazers?
  • Avery Bradley: more ready to contribute than people give him credit for?
  • In the second round, which names stick out as potential fits given the Blazers frontcourt needs?
  • Who's the biggest risk in the top 10 this year and are the concerns about him valid?
  • Have there been any trends or changes when it comes to international players and their desire to play in the NBA?

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