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Kevin Pritchard's Lake Oswego Dream Home Is Being Shopped Online

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In a May 25th story about Kevin Pritchard's uncertain future in Portland, Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune wrote, "the rumor that Pritchard has put his Lake Oswego home on the market is untrue - at least so far." Despite this report, behind-the-scene rumors have persisted for weeks that Pritchard is indeed shopping his home.

This afternoon, according to a post on the Sports Two Blazers forum1080 AM The Fan reported that the house being advertised on is owned by Kevin Pritchard.  The website provides corroborating details that would seem to confirm the radio station's report.

For three years the owner of Tre Cascate spent cherished times enjoying the beauty of Lake Como just half an hour from bustling Milan while playing professional basketball in Italy. Lake Como is a jewel-like oasis of tranquility, a magical combination of lush Mediterranean foliage and snowy alpine peaks. Como is renowned for its exquisite villas and breathtaking views of Piazza Cavour, on the banks of the lake in the town of Como.

When returning to the NBA, the owner found that his vision of creating an oasis on Lake Oswego could become a reality. After finding the perfect location on the main lake of Lake Oswego, the remodeling and nearly complete rebuild of the house began. Craftsmen of all disciplines worked for two years and three months transforming the location into an Italian Villa akin of those romantic historical Villas on Lake Como.

As Joe Freeman reported last summer, Pritchard owns a lake front home on Oswego Lake.  Pritchard, of course, played professionally in Italy in the early 1990s

Reached by telephone Thursday, the house's broker, Terry Sprague of Sotheby's International Realty, would neither confirm nor deny whether Pritchard owned the home featured on the website, telling Blazersedge that the owner's identity was "confidential" and that he had "no comment... in a very professional way." Sprague also said that any question concerning Pritchard's potential ownership of the house should be directed to Pritchard himself.

Sprague did confirm that he has a formal agreement with the home's owner and that the home is currently a pocket listing, meaning it is not yet publicly listed on the open market.  The website features a list price, square footage details and offers "personal viewings." Sprague would not immediately agree to grant a personal viewing to Blazersedge, citing his desire to limit tours to pre-qualified buyers and to consult with the owner.

Later Thursday night, two sources with personal knowledge of the house featured on confirmed to Blazersedge that it is owned by Pritchard.  Additionally, one of the sources identified the house pictured on the website as 1017 Lake Front. Northwest Energy lists "Kevin Pritchard" as the builder at 1017 Lake Front in an EnergyStar database publicly viewable online.  As is documented on, the home pictured on the website underwent extensive remodeling recently.

A visual inspection of 1017 Lake Front on Thursday confirmed that the real estate sign shown in this picture, provided to Blazersedge last week by a third source, belongs to Sotheby's, Mr. Sprague's employer . A google maps street view of the property also matches this picture from

Kevin Pritchard is currently in Italy scouting the Adidas Eurocamp in Treviso. An email sent Thursday night seeking comment was not immediately returned. 

It is unclear why Pritchard's house is being shopped online.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Update (9:25AM): Three more sources with independent, direct knowledge of Pritchard's home confirm it is the one pictured on the website.  One of these sources has provided additional documentation to Blazersedge confirming that Kevin Pritchard is the listed owner at 1017 Lake Front.  Also, a reader pointed out that the 1017 Lake Front address is printed on's floorplan pdf.