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Rookie Orientation

Thanks to reader Thomas Ikehara we have a semi-reliable tip that new Blazer Elliot Williams asked via Twitter:  "ok portland talk to me!! Us rookies were discussing this today, what does 'R.I.P City' mean???? everyone says it out here".  This reminds me that we're shirking our duty.  It's time to welcome and acclimate Portland's new players.  In addition to answering Mr. Williams' question we invite you to do the following in the comment section below:

  1. Talk about what it means to be a Blazer and to join this franchise.  What are they getting into?
  2. Talk about Blazer fandom and things a player would need to know about Portland fans to prosper here.
  3. Talk about the city and the environment in general.  What can't-miss Portland things should they see/experience?

This is an honest exercise, so I invite you NOT to invoke your sarcasm or your gloom and doom about Portland fans just because they don't value your favorite player as highly and passionately as you do.  This is supposed to be a welcome for them, not a laundry list of your peeves.  Also STRICTLY FORBIDDEN is any talk about Kevin Pritchard, Paul Allen, or that situation in this thread.  Don't even allude to it.  Keep it out of here.  There are 100 other threads and Fanposts up in which to do that stuff.  These guys have already had that story overwhelm their entrance.  Make this just about them and the community.  Thanks!

--Dave (