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Sunday Discussion: Deng It

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No doubt you've noticed that the Chicago Bulls are making some moves this summer, as Storyteller's post just below this one should tell you.  Either in order to make their moves come to fruition or possibly because their moves came to fruition they may be willing to make a move we used to talk about a bit as Blazer fans:  ridding themselves of Luol Deng.  I'm not going to bring up specific scenarios or look at this from the Bulls' point of view, as they don't have a defined point of view yet.  Just looking at this from Portland's perspective, if I told you Deng could be had for players that wouldn't even come close to disrupting the core of this team--maybe even players who wouldn't affect the rotation much at all--would you still want him?  Keep in mind that acquiring him would make any additional moves down the road financially oppressive, so you have to be sure he makes a big difference for the team.  Weigh in below.

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