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LiveBlogging the Draft

**Ben is discussing the Kevin Pritchard situation and the draft picks on Comcast Sports Northwest starting at 7PM.**

PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS SELECT Elliot Willams 6'4 SG from Memphis  WITH #22 PICK.

RUMOR:  ESPN says Luke Babbitt and Ryan Gomes to Portland for Martell Webster. Gomes has a partially guaranteed contract and could be waived.

This is the thread for all your draft coverage this evening.  We'll recap every pick, Ben will bring you the latest news and rumors, and you can discuss to your heart's content.

So far the news has been quiet on the national and local front.  The Chicago Bulls are rumored to be sending Kirk Hinrich and their #17 pick to Washington for nothing after July 1 to clear cap space.  In Portland the pulse is thin and thready and Ben reports hushed tones in media circles.  Nothing is bubbling up at the moment but you never know until the picks start flying.

Updates as they happen.

Update #1 in a separate post above.  Kevin Pritchard has been fired.  More as the story develops.


1.  Washington Wizards--John Wall  6'4" PG from Kentucky

2.  Philadelphia 76'ers--Evan Turner 6'7" SG/SF from Ohio State

3.  New Jersey Nets--Derrick Favors 6'10" PF/C from Georgia Tech

4.  Minnesota Timberwolves Wesley Johnson 6'7" SF/PF from Syracuse

In case anyone is interested is reporting that Rasheed Wallace is retiring. 

5.  Sacramento Kings DeMarcus Cousins 6'11" C from Kentucky

Missed it earlier, but Miami traded Daequan Cook and the #18 pick to OKC for pick #32 in this draft in a cap-clearing move.

6.  Golden State Warriors  gt; Ekpe Udoh 6'10" PF/C from Baylor

7.  Detroit Pistons  Greg Monroe 6'11" PF/C from Georgetown  

8.  Los Angeles Clippers  Al-Farouq Aminu 6'8" SF/PF from Wake Forest

Dave's Analysis:  Note how many slash/slash position players are in the top of this crop.  That's not a good thing.  Optimists will call it versatile and say the league is changing and you don't really need positions anymore.  Optimists are wrong in this case.

9.  Utah Jazz Gordon Hayward 6'8" SF from Butler

10.  Indiana Pacers Paul George 6'9" SF from Fresno State

11.  New Orleans Hornets Cole Aldrich 6'11" C from Kansas

Trade Rumor:  ESPN reports trade of Aldrich and Mo Pete from NO to OKC for 18th and 21st picks.

12.  Memphis Grizzlies  Xavier Henry 6'6" SG/SF from Kansas

Dave's Analysis:  A few odd picks in a row here.  Guys going to teams crowded at their positions.  Trades coming?

13.  Toronto Raptors Ed Davis 6'9" PF from North Carolina

14.  Houston Rockets Patrick Patterson 6'8" PF from Kentucky

15. Milwaukee Bucks Larry Sanders 6'9" PF from Virginia Commonwealth

16.  Minnesota Timberwolves  Luke Babbitt 6'7" SF from Nevada-Reno

RUMOR:  A-Woj has the Blazers trading Martell for Babbitt.  Babbitt has also been called the most overrated prospect in this year's draft.  He would be a cap savings over Martell.

17.  Chicago Bulls Kevin Seraphin 6'9" forward from France

Dave's Analysis:  And there goes that pick.  Everybody make Jazz Hands while saying. "Cap space!"

18.  Oklahoma City Thunder Eric Bledsoe 6'1" PG/SG from Kentucky

RUMOR:  ESPN says Luke Babbitt and Ryan Gomes to Portland for Martell Webster

Dave's Analysis:  Well, there's your backup PF.  Gomes' history.  

19. Boston Celtics Avery Bradley 6'3" PG from Texas

Dave's Analysis:  Two teams that tangle a bunch with Portland are up next...just before Portland.  Of course OKC isn't picking for themselves anymore.

20.  San Antonio Spurs James Anderson 6'6" SG/SF from Oklahoma State

Rumor:  ESPN reports Eric Bledsoe to the Los Angeles Clippers for a future pick.  Oklahoma City is reprising Portland's trade frenzy of past years.

21.  Oklahoma City Thunder Craig Brackins 6'10" PF from Iowa State

Dave's Analysis:  Another guy Portland was rumored to have wanted.

22.  PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS Elliot Willams 6'4 SG from Memphis

Dave's Instant Analysis:  Say hello to Jerryd Bayless Part II.

23.  Minnesota Timberwolves Trevor Booker 6'7" PF from Clemson

Rumor:  ESPN reports Trevor Booker traded to Washington Wizards along with 56th overall pick in the 2010 draft in exchange for the 30th and 35th overall picks in the 2010 draft.

24.  Atlanta Hawks  Damian James 6'7" SF/PF from Texas

25. Memphis Grizzlies Dominique Jones 6'4" SG from South Florida

26.  Oklahoma City Thunder Quincy Pondexter 6'6" SF from Washington

27.  New Jersey Nets Jordan Crawford 6'4" SG from Xavier

Rumor:  ESPN reports that the Nets have traded Jordan Crawford and the 31st pick in the 2010 draft to Atlanta for Damion James.

Dave's Analysis:  Teams are jockeying hard for those early second-rounders.  Must be some nice slippage in some people's estimation.

28.  Memphis Grizzlies Greivis Vasquez  6'5" PG/SG from Maryland

Dave's Analysis:  How long before somebody puts "General" in front of that?

29.  Orlando Magic Daniel Orton 6'10" C from Kentucky

Dave's Analysis:  That's the fifth Kentucky Wildcat selected in the first round.  On the one hand that's cool.  On the other hand, would you want the fifth of anything?  (Besides bourbon, that is.)

30.  Washington Wizards Lazar Haywood 6'6" SF from Marquette

Second-round discussion thread opens now.  Please migrate over there for discussion of the rest of the draft.