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Draft Day Discussion Thread

Welcome to Draft Day 2010!  For the latest updates on rumors from around the net, check out the Afternoon Chatter and the Morning Chatter

We're going to have complete coverage of the day's proceedings inside and out.  Ben is going to keep us updated on any Blazer moves this afternoon and evening and join the media contingent as usual.  I'll be around to podcast a little and keep discussion flowing up to and including our live blog during the draft with updates on each pick and conversation about the same.  Join us from now until late tonight and get your draft on!

To open things up, here are a few potential scenarios.  All of you draft-hip gurus register your opinions and debate as you will.

Scenario #1:  The Blazers move up to the #10 selection via a trade with Indiana.  Who do you take?

Scenario #2:  The Blazers acquire #17 from Chicago.  Who do you take?

Scenario #3:  The Blazers stay at #22.  Who do you take?

Scenario #4:  The Blazers move out of the first round entirely, grabbing the #32 pick.  Are you disappointed?  Who do you take? 

Bonus Question:  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being no more moves than have already been made and 10 being complete craziness as has not been seen in these parts since 2006 how many Portland moves do you anticipate?  Note that's actually happening, not how many they'd like to make.  What's your reasoning?

Assume in each of the trade scenarios that the basic core remains unaltered and the players departing are limited to those commonly discussed...perhaps Rudy Fernandez or Jerryd Bayless or Joel Przybilla.

Let the Draft Day proceedings begin!

--Dave (

P.S.  This is the official Blazersedge prediction thread.  If you ain't said it here, it ain't been said.  Save the bookmark for all of your post-draft bragging just in case you were right.  A major round of applause will be forthcoming for anyone who pegs Portland's day.


As Ben's post below informs us, the local update now indicates that all is quiet on the Western front as far as big moves, which should be unsurprising to anyone who's read here.  The most likely options remain as they have been:  use your own picks or make a modest move either direction.  One of the questions I've been getting is how those eventualities will affect Kevin Pritchard (by far the most interesting subtext of this draft).    Frankly I've never understood the "your evaluation depends on this draft performance" meme.  If it does exist (and I am suspicious that it doesn't), it's silly.  A splashy move is not necessarily a good move.  This would be exactly like going up to a poker player and saying, "My assessment of you depends directly on how many chips you commit to the next hand."  The next hand may or may not matter.  The overall tournament is what counts.  How can you base a guy's performance on going all-in when he might be holding a 9-4 in that particular hand?  Is that really the smart play?

Speaking of picks and moves, I have a hunch that Kevin Seraphin's name is going to heat up as the day progresses.  Watch to see if there's any jockeying on that account.

More to come...



If you're poking around this afternoon you can see the mock draft put together by the bloggers of SBN here.

Anybody else want to bet this draft has devolved into a running position battle between Oklahoma City and Portland?

--Dave (