Evening Draft Chatter: Rudy to Toronto Instead Of New York?

Jason Quick tweets... ---------------------- High-ranking source: Blazers have better deals for Fernandez than what NYK are offering. Rudy to NYC won't happen ---------------------- This post will update with any evening draft chatter. Sam Presti is running laps around everyone again. Update (6:04PM): Chad Ford writes... ---------------------- The Raptors have had serious talks today with the Portland Trail Blazers about a deal that would send the 22nd pick and Rudy Fernandez to Toronto for the 13th pick. The Blazers have been very aggressive about getting up into the lottery, but have been reluctant to part with both Fernandez and the 22nd pick to do it. ---------------------- This is exactly the type of scenario that's been floated over the last few weeks: Use a discontented Rudy to get up the board and snag your late-lottery target, either to replace him or get a higher-ceiling big man. Update (6:42PM): Joe Freeman says the draft process has been just like normal this year and that KP has the same authority he always has had. ---------------------- But while Pritchard certainly has explored trading for an All-Star to complement Brandon Roy, he and others in the organization insist the goal is to make the Blazers better for next season and not about providing job security in the front office. "I wouldn't do that, or anything, to jeopardize our long-term potential success," Pritchard said. "No. I'm going to do what's right for the organization. I have too much pride, and whether I'm here or not, I want this to be a great organization. And I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it's a great organization." ---------------------- Update (7:06 PM): Frank Isola of the New York Daily News tweets... ---------------------- Rudy Fernandez was telling teammates last season, "New York, that's where I want to go." ---------------------- Also, Jason Quick confirmed Chad Ford's Toronto rumor. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter