Jaynes: Steve Gordon aka 'Hat Man,' The Blazers' Mysterious Consultant

Dwight Jaynes writes that Steve Gordon, a former workout guru for the Seattle Sonics, has been working in some capacity for the Blazers for years without being mentioned -- to anyone's recollection -- publicly. Jaynes asked Nate McMillan and Kevin Pritchard about Gordon's role with the team. -------------------------------------- "Well, I would like for Kevin (Pritchard) to address that," McMillan said. "(Gordon)’s been doing some scouting over the years. That’s basically it." I mentioned to McMillan that Gordon told me he was a consultant for the team and the coach said, "With so much going on right now, I think we should limit our comments to what Kevin says." Pritchard said Gordon has input "at all levels" of the Blazer organization. "I’ve known him probably since 1990," Pritchard said. "He knows Paul, Bert, Nate and me and we all talk to him." -------------------------------------- Henry Abbott jumps in at the end of Jaynes's post to discuss Gordon's possible role in a power struggle that concluded with Tom Penn's firing. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter