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What's the Slogan Now?

For the last few years the echoing theme resounding throughout Rose Garden rafters has been "Rise With Us".  While I was never fond of the phrase myself I will admit it did the job of conveying the task before the team and its fans...the team tapping its nascent potential and the fans sticking with them through the growing pains.  We're beyond that now.  While the team will still grow they can no longer be content with the "scrappy young guys" label.  They have to produce.  They have to win.  The focus is less on rising and more on the destination towards which the team is climbing.  Also fans shouldn't need a plea to get on board, the team's play should make the reasons for doing so self-evident.  So we need a new slogan.

The floor is open today for your best replacement for "Rise With Us" and whatever catch phrases have grown in its wake the last couple years.  New season.  New focus.  Take your best shot.

--Dave (