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Poll: Do You Support a "LeBron James to Portland" Movement?

Some enterprising University of Oregon students have put together a LeBron James to Portland rally, set for later this month in Pioneer Square. Here's their Facebook page. (In true LeBron fashion, the event already has a sponsor.)

Put aside the minute likelihood that James would be able to control his ego long enough to live in and play for a small market and put aside the equally small possibility that a fan movement would be able to sway his decision-making one way or the other. Embrace this discussion in theory only.

Fans of various teams across the league have put together tribute songs, rallies and the like to show their interest in James. So, as a fan of the Blazers organization, do you stand for or against the idea of publicly lobbying for LeBron James to come to Portland? If you had no issues with transportation, timing or other logistics: would you attend? Explain your reasoning in the comments.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter