Hollinger ranks every finals team


only 1-10 are non-insider the '77 team is ranked 29th "Remembered fondly because of team-oriented play, Portland had just 49 wins -- third-fewest by a champion -- but the Bill Walton-led Blazers stepped it up in the playoffs with a 14-5 run. Portland swept the top-seeded Lakers in the conference finals and, after dropping the first two games in the Finals, rallied to win the next four and claim the franchise's only title. The Blazers beat the teams with the NBA's three best records (L.A., Philadelphia and Denver) to claim the crown." the '92 team was ranked 39 "Yet another in a long line of strong Western teams that had the misfortune of being great at the same time as Michael Jordan, the Blazers survived a blowout loss in Game 1 to make it a competitive series before the Bulls' bench engineered a massive fourth-quarter comeback to steal Game 6 and the title. Before that, Portland won 57 games and trampled a fairly strong Western playoff field in the postseason, dropping only four games prior to the Finals." the '90 blazers ranked 58 "The Blazers had a very strong regular season for a team ranked this low, winning 59 games. But like many of the others down here, their postseason was unimpressive by the standards of this list. Portland was outscored in both the second round (by San Antonio) and conference finals (by Phoenix), but managed to squeeze by in both series by going 6-0 in games decided by six points or less. They eventually fell in five games to Detroit, and Portland's minus-47 playoff scoring margin is the worst of any team in the past 30 years." I know posted a lot of the insider article, but the whole article was 7 pages long and talked about 66 different teams; so I think this is okay.