My letter to my season ticket holder representative.

If Kevin Pritchard is released I will no longer be a season ticket holder following the 2010-2011 season.

This email is intended for Larry Miller

Maybe it is just rumor mill in regards to the release of Kevin Pritchard, but he has had amazing results to shift the team’s talent base and identity from where it has been. I appreciate greatly the ownerships financial contribution to the team’s turn around which enabled the team’s change in direction. Kevin has shown an amazing propensity towards finding talent and pieces that fit together. Talent that has not come at the cost of character. Character that is respected and representative of what is valued by the Blazers surrounding community. I would hate to see the team lose a large piece of its identity by releasing our GM. Kevin is more visible than most General Managers, but this has been necessary to repair the recent jail blazer face of the team. No person is larger than the team, but someone had to step up to the plate to turn this club’s direction. I am glad that Vulcan saw to it to hire Kevin Pritchard to lead that charge.