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Blazersedge Jersey Contest Playoff Results

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After tabulating the scores and a couple other check-ups we have an official winner of the Blazersedge Jersey Contest Playoffs for 2009-10.  That person!

No, I don't mean the person is alive in the general sense.  Duh.  There was actually a player named living and he won!  Congratulations!

We are proud to announce that for winning the Jersey Contest this year living will receive an absolutely authentic, real-life, game-worn Jerryd Bayless jersey.  That's Jerryd Bayless' actual jersey, worn by him in a real game.  Depending on what side of the fence living falls on, it'll either be the greatest thing he's ever gotten or his new favorite rec league outfit.  Seriously, it better not be the latter.  It's an actual Blazers jersey, dude.

We are also happy to announce that as one of the (two) people who picked living as their playoff hoss, HD has won a (normal, store-bought, replica) jersey.  That was determined by random drawing.  Or in this case, coin flip.

Thanks to all who participated in the Jersey Contest this year.  We're all looking forward to next season and more chances to win for the Blazers and for you!

--Dave (