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Blazersedge 2009-10 Awards: Most Valuable Player

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Before we get to the intricate individual player evaluations we'll take a moment to poll the community for our end-of-season awards.  Three other ballots sit below this one.  This is the biggie:  Most Valuable Player.  And for the first time in site history the category is simply MVP, not MVP-BR (besides Roy).  I have a feeling that some will argue for players other than Brandon as the MVP this year so we're leaving it wide open.

Vote in the comment section below.  Explain how you define "valuable" if you wish.  Respond to each others' choices if you wish.  In the midst of that do make clear which player you're voting for so we can tally the count correctly.

Also don't miss the transcripts from the end-of-year interviews with General Manager Kevin Pritchard and Head Coach Nate McMillan.

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