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Sunday(-ish) Discussion: The Finals

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So now that we know the Lakers weren't getting stopped by ANYONE in the West this year and we're thankfully free of the frustration of the Blazers getting beat by those redonkulous jumpers Kobe was hitting near the end of Game 6 vs. the Suns, time to scope out the Finals.  I don't like either of these teams so I'm holding my nose as I pose these questions, but here you go:

1.  Who do you want to win this Finals series and why?  A ton of people are going to say "neither" so don't bother with that.  Just pretend you're on Gilligan's Island and the only choices left for life mate are Mrs. Howell and the Professor.  I know, I know...Ginger and Mary Ann.  Sadly Skipper ran off with both, the old dog.  So pick one.

2.  Who do you think will actually win and why?

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