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The Dontonio Wingcast Episodes 026 and 027

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Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton and I are back from a long podcasting break with a special double-dip edition of The Dontonio Wingcast.  Here's a full breakdown.

Episode 026: Draft and Free Agency  (47 minutes)

  • We preview the NBA draft. What's the process like this time of year?
  • We look at potential Blazers strategies: Who would they be targeting at 3 or 4, which top 5 prospect is less likely than LeBron James to be a Blazer, which prospect is the "Dorothy Mantooth" of this draft, is there a real value gap between the picks at #22 and #44 given the Blazers needs, and which Blazers are most likely to find themselves in draft day trades or replaced by free agents.  
  • I assess the impact of players returning to school on the Blazers' draft board and compare draft strategy to a World War 2 espionage mission, while KP2 does his best not to given away any Indiana Pacers state secrets.
  • We discuss Kevin Pritchard's recent name-check of "WARP" (Wins Above Replacement Player): KP2 gives a great WARP 101 explanation, we look at the relationship between salary and WARP on the Blazers roster and parse whether WARP talk means a busy summer or a quiet summer for the Blazers.

Episode 027: LeBrno James and Isolation Offenses  (33 minutes)
  • I spend the first 13 minutes going off on LeBron James's many character flaws. Does he make his teammates better? Is his basketball intelligence overrated? Did he quit on his coach? KP2 tries to reason with me in his new role as the "LeBronStopper" (nobody defends LeBron as adamantly) and makes a final case in LeBron's defense.
  • After the mandatory LeBron talk, we segue into a discussion of isolation offenses with KP2 defending both Nate McMillan and isolation offenses in general against recent assaults.  We try to pinpoint why the isolation hasn't worked for the Blazers, what needs to change going into next year, which teams run isolation offenses successfully and what role pace plays in how we form opinions about isolation offenses.
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We'll be cranking out a few more draft-specific podcasts as we get closer to draft night. Shoot me an email with any questions, prospects or scenarios you'd like us to discuss. I've been getting some great ones already so thanks for those.

-- Ben Golliver | ( | Twitter