Washington Wizards: From 'Pick One' to the Number One Pick


Phew. Had to get that one out of my system before every other headline writer gets to it tomorrow morning. In case you haven't heard, the Washington Wizards won the 2010 NBA Draft lottery, capping off a horrible year with the best possible news for their fans. The Philadelphia 76ers moved up to get the second selection and the New Jersey Nets nabbed the third pick. Minnesota's General Manager, David Kahn, said there were three players in the draft's top tier and promptly wound up with the #4 selection. If you'd like to re-live the 2007 draft lottery night magic, head over to Bullets Forever, where plans for the John Wall Administration are already underway. From Portland's perspective the lottery was relatively uneventful, probably best characterized as a disaster avoided. All three top picks go to the Eastern Conference. And, most importantly, the Utah Jazz (via the New York Knicks) won't jump up at all, picking 9th. Chad Ford has updated his mock draft. He now has the Blazers picking Kentucky's Patrick Patterson at #22. He writes... ------------------------ Patterson would be a steal for the Blazers if he slips this low. While he does little to wow you, he's the type of unselfish, productive big man who will fit well in the Blazers' system. ------------------------ Update: Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that sources believe the Blazers might make a play to move up (high!) in this year's draft. ------------------------ Houston and Portland are two teams that will be working No. 3 Nets and No. 4 Wolves hard to move up in the draft, league sources say. ------------------------ Over the last month, Kevin Pritchard has alluded to the likelihood of moving spots on draft night and called himself a "contrarian" when it comes to overall draft strategy. So, who do you think Portland targets in that situation? Syracuse's Wesley Johnson, perhaps? -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter