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Sunday Discussion: King James Version

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Who's on your list?
Who's on your list?

Immediate Disclaimer:  I am not one of those who thinks Portland has any chance at getting LeBron James.  I haven't spent much time worrying about that issue any more than I've spent time worrying what I'd do if a meteor containing thousands of Reeses Pieces, hundreds of gold doubloons, and a suddenly-single and completely besotted Tina Fey hit my house.  However this discussion goes a little beyond that, taking into consideration your perception of the Blazers, so...

Let's pretend that you were the Blazers' GM and on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 you fielded the following phone call:

Hey, it's Danny Ferry from Cleveland.  We're in a tough spot with this LeBron thing.  His agent tells us he's lost confidence in us and he's not coming back no matter who the coach is, no matter who else we get.  He does want to give us the opportunity to pursue a sign-and-trade so we can get something back for him.  He's given us a list of teams he'd consider.  Ideally he either wants a great chance at a championship (preferrably multiple) or a place that can afford him plenty of extra ad revenue.  He's sketched out a couple places he thinks would be fantastic to live and included their teams as well even though they might not meet either of the first two criteria.  I'm calling you because you're on his list.  Obviously it's not for the ad revenue and (no offense) he's never considered Portland as an ideal living place, so you'd have to fit firmly in the title-winning category.  If this deal is going to go down he has to be convinced you've left championship pieces around him.  However you're also competing with almost two dozen other teams making offers to us.  From our end we need your absolute best shot the first time.  We're going to lay out those offers on a table next Friday and take one (in principle, anyway).  You have until Wednesday to get your proposal to us.  We'll be willing to work on salary details, extra players, third teams...whatever.  Don't worry about the cap thing for now.  Just give us talent-for-talent the player package you'd be willing to trade away for LeBron.  Hope to hear from you soon. 


So, if you got that phone call who would be on your offer sheet?  You need to trade away enough talent to beat every other team in the sweepstakes but retain enough talent to make LeBron's path to the title all but assured.  Remember that salary doesn't count for now.  Obviously you can't trade away $40 million in salary for him but short of that figure Cleveland and perhaps some third parties would be able to make it all work.

Share your offer below and explain why you think Cleveland would like the players you sent and LeBron would like the players you kept.

--Dave (