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Would You Do Something Crazy?

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So ends Luke Ridnour's campaign to become a secret, unlockable character in Tekken 7.
So ends Luke Ridnour's campaign to become a secret, unlockable character in Tekken 7.

We take a break from the individual player reviews today to pose a question or two.  Trade speculation abounds every off-season and this one is no exception.  You can find a daily Trade Drawer in the sidebar to share all of your specific ideas.  In the midst of those fine suggestions I want to use a specific (mostly fictitious) scenario to pose a couple of more general questions.

Let's say the opportunity arose to acquire the Atlanta Hawks' Joe Johnson via sign-and-trade.  Let's also say that this opportunity would involve a third team to overcome BYC difficulties and would require the Blazers to lose LaMarcus Aldridge and probably two of the quartet of Miller, Fernandez, Bayless, and Webster to get Johnson plus some change coming back.  I'm not really interested in the exact composition and numbers of the trade at this point.  Three questions are more interesting to me:

1.  What is the potential for the Blazers to add another major scorer to their small positions without messing everything up?  How attractive would that scenario be if it involved losing Aldridge in the deal?  In this case they would field a weird-yet-interesting lineup of 6'7"-ish multi-talented players in Johnson, Roy, and Batum with all three likely sharing distributing duties on offense and Batum probably watching a fair amount of point guards on defense.  But really you could sub in just about any other wing scorer and the question would still be valid.

2.  Just as intriguing...if one were to assume that Joel Przybilla could get healthy before the midway point of next year and Dante Cunningham was ready for some power forward minutes, would it really matter who was in the 1-2-3 positions defensively if you started Greg Oden and Marcus Camby in the frontcourt and brought Przybilla and Cunningham off the bench?  How practical would that eventuality be?

3.  What do you think the potential is for the Blazers to try something wacky and off-the-board like this during the off-season?  Obviously the cake isn't baking anymore because Outlaw and Blake are gone and Camby has arrived.  Did that just shift the layers a little or is it possible that the dessert gets changed into some kind of whipped mousse? 

I'm interested to hear how you tackle these three questions.  The comment section is open.

--Dave (