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Greg Oden Talks Rehab, Summer, Extension, DirecTV

During yesterday's edition of 95.5FM's Wheels at Work, an upbeat Greg Oden discussed a number of topics, including his current rehab schedule, whether he has broached the issue of contract negotiation talks with his agent and his summer workout plans.  His updates, however, weren't uniformly positive.

Here's a link to the show's page where you can grab the audio. Here's a partial transcript. Questions are paraphrased.  Answers are word for word.

Did you go to the NCAA Final in Indianapolis?

No, no, no. I stayed home and watched it at home. It was too many people. I was trying to stay off my leg. I didn't want to trip over anybody.

You're in Indiana right now. Will you be back in Portland for the playoffs?

Yeah, yeah, I'll definitely back for the playoffs. I think they're going to try to get me to travel with the team and go to those playoff games. I'm pretty excited for it. I'm ready to be back on a plane and be with the guys.

What are you working on right now with your knee?

Right now, in Indiana, they are actually giving me some time to relax my knee. Mostly I just have it kicked up, icing it every chance I get. Basically just relax and staying off of it, and letting it heal until it gets really strong.

Have you talked with your agent about contract extension negotiations this summer?

We haven't really talked about it yet. There is that chance. With me being injured, I really don't know. That's something we definitely have to talk it over but we really haven't got to it yet.

Can you reassure Blazers fans you want to be in Portland long term?

Oh, I would definitely love to. That's not even a question. But it's definitely a business. Whatever fits, whatever I can do, I'll do it. I would definitely love to be here still in Portland. Excited about that.

Where do you see this team in 3 years?

I would like to see us winning a championship. Definitely being one of those championship contending teams. Three years from now, you can't really tell what's going to happen but I would definitely like to be with the Blazers. I want us holding that trophy around.

You were playing well before you got hurt this year

Around the time I did get hurt, I was playing pretty well. I had a couple of 20 point games and a couple of big rebound games. I felt like I was playing really well. I started getting myself and my body into the groove of things. A lot more comfortable out there. Definitely when I get back and get all the way healthy I feel like I can get back to that.

What do you want to add to your game?

I was talking about that yesterday with my uncle. He was giving me some little pointers. You know, Greg, If you can get that little nice jumpshot close to the rim. Not as far as LaMarcus's but get a nice touch jumpshot around the rim. That's something that would definitely help your game. That's something I want -- a nice touch jumpshot around the basket.

Which team would you prefer the Blazers face in the first round?

I think we match up a lot better with the Lakers. The past couple of years us being able to definitely beat them at home. I feel like that would be a team that we match up pretty well with, and we play really well against at home. That would be something I would like to see.

Are you able to work on the court now with your knee?

I'm not really doing too much on the court right now. As you know right now I'm at home resting it. A little bit ago I was on the court, just shooting jump shots, not really jumping though. I was standing straight up. I was able to get on my tippy-toes. A couple of weeks ago when I was back in Portland, when I was there, I was just shooting jump shots, shooting hook shots, just getting on the court at night, being on there for 30 minutes, touching the ball, being able to do some things.

Will you be in Ohio again this summer?

 I think I'm actually going to head back to Indiana this time. I did go to Columbus last year because I had planned on taking classes. This summer I think I really need to put a lot of effort into getting my knee back. This summer I will be in Indiana, I will be staying at my mom's house, getting home cooked meals, having her take care of me. Yeah, I think I'm gonna be home.

Will you work out with Bill Bayno as extensively as you did last summer?

Um, I know I will see him a couple of times. I don't know if it will be as many times as I did last year. This summer I will be doing a lot of different things to help my body, and get my body back. I don't know when I'm going to be able to do the things that me and Bayno were doing last year. I plan on seeing him, and definitely working a lot with him, and Coach Medina and Coach Canales. I definitely see those guys a lot over the summertime. But it won't be as much as it was last year.

You attend the Blazers games and watch in the back right?

Yeah, yeah, exactly. After awhile I have to put my foot up just so I can let it, just, air out I guess. It gets really uncomfortable holding it down and having it bent for long periods of time.

Are you watching game film when you're at home?

I don't have the game film. Not out here. I do watch the games. But, you know, my mom has DirecTV. And out here I can't get the games. A lot of times I try to get on the computer, get the text messages to my phone, the score updates, I'm asking some people, calling some people who are actually watching the game, you know, what's going on. It's difficult out here, my friends are like, the games are so late out here, plus DirecTV doesn't get those channels, it's tough. I'll find a way to watch it.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter