Seth Pollack wants NO Blazer Fans on Bright Side of the Sun

Pretty disappointing for a site editor if you ask me. He started this with that "Hate" thread, did nothing to put out the fire it ignited on both fronts, has been banning people with reckless abandon, and now just asks an entire fanbase not to come to their site. Not very mature at all. He obviously is not willing to accept that Suns fans have had anything to do with the nastiness between the two sites, which is a big mistake. I have been pretty shocked at some of the attacks I have received just for even posting.

I have been respectful over there, and other than some of the more nasty posters have enjoyed my time conversing with some of them, but am not welcome there now, as the site editor specifically asked me and all other Blazer fans not to go there anymore. I understand a few Blazer fans have not been acting very nice over there, but to ask an entire fanbase not to visit? Don't worry Seth. You are well rid of me.

Congratulations, Seth, on being an ambassador of SB Nation, where talk between fans is encouraged and embraced. You are an inspiration to us all.

This was in response to the "Open Apology" thread posted on BSotS.

Man you people crack me up

Now Blazers fans are fighting with a each other on our site?

It was obviously a mistake to "pick a fight" before the series started. I incorrectly assumed that the internet savvy Portland fans would get the joke and take it in stride. Big mistake.

Now, you can all kindly take your moaning and groaning elsewhere (although I am sure after getting stomped in Game 5 you all will be Casper’s be around here just like after Game 2 and 3).

If you can’t get enough from talking to each other on a Blazers site, go seek out an ESPN message board to share your wisdom. In fact, try a Lakers forum.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (not a Suns fans) said that he hates the Blazers because of the fans. Likes the team ok but can’t stand the arrogant, obnoxious Blazers fans on the internet. I didn’t believe it. Ben and Dave aren’t like that. I’d had plenty of good encounters w/ Blzrs fans over the years. Boy was he right.

I can’t wait for this series to be over. Leave already. You’ve worn out your welcome and then some.

And btw, it is perfectly acceptable to read things on the internet and not comment about them. I know there are many many people doing just that right now and thank you.

This is a Phoenix Suns community. It is not a place for you to come in large numbers and turn a discussion about the Phoenix Suns into bitch-fest about your issues.

Bye bye

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by Seth Pollack on Apr 27, 2010 1:22 AM PDT reply actions 2 recs