Rudy's thoughts from his blog's last post


"...but I want to focus on the good things from the game. First of all with my teammates, they're such great guys... We all support and help each other, and that's why we overcome so many difficulties during the season. They've helped me a lot. When things don't click, having your teammates cheering you up this way is amazing." "I want to thank again to the fans. Even if I haven't played well they still chant my name. I'm out of words. Thanks to them I forget about everything. Really, I play for theas team and this fans. I really feel them." "This year is being difficult, you all know. But I want to make it clear that it's not a wasted year, I'm maturing a lot, and this are things an athlete has to go through. Sophmore years have always been hard for me, my second year at Joventut I injured myself too and didn't play well. I overcame it there because I was with my family, with a coach who really trusted me... Here it's different, and that's why I growing. That's the way the NBA is and there are no excuses." "This last days I've tried not to think about anything else and just focus on giving my best. That's why when I've hit those three threes in a row I've felt rage and joy at the same time. They came a little late, but those were feelings I didn't have on the court since a long time ago. I need confidence amd I know that here I have to build that confidence myself. I'm the same way, ready for whatever may come and to give always my best. We'll see what happens next."