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Time to Pick Your Hoss for a Chance at a Jersey!

Last night we announced the participants in our end of the year Jersey Playoffs contest.  Only those with excellent records throughout the year were invited to compete for the Grand Prize.  However the rest of you aren't entirely out of luck!  Even though you can't enter the Jersey Contest Playoffs you can back one of the people who is.  Here's how it works.

  • You select one of the Jersey Contest Playoff participants as your Hoss.  Their names are listed below.
  • In the comment section of this post you let us know who your Hoss is.  You do this by putting the person's name in the subject line of your comment.  That's it....ONE NAME...IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  Nothing else should be in the subject line but that one name.  You can say whatever else you want in the body of the comment, of course.
  • You may only enter once.
  • Comments for this post will close before tip-off on Sunday.
  • The playoffs will play out.  Everybody who picks the Hoss that wins the Grand Prize will be pooled and one of their names will be selected to win a Blazers jersey.

So let us know below...who's your Hoss?

--Dave (

2009-2010 Jersey Contest Playoff Participants:

RunDMCL, Jlw19788, Elephant03, Living, MavetheGreat, Darkwebs, Sir-1, Just Beachy, Chuky, Norsktroll, Baster, 52ripcity7, Krizzikins, Xurikk, Twggyy, Drpstp, Oldbaum, Brainfart, Billyjoejack, JBcooper80, PhilGB, qburke, TheGreatMon, Walkie, Runman47, Machairi, Cbryan, Buffduck, Blazing Jim, OldSchool, Sterles, and Cabhorn

P.S.  Playoff participants are not allowed to pick a Hoss...