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Blazersedge Jersey Contest Update + Playoff Announcement

At long last we have your recent Jersey Contest results!

Due to some technical difficulties we delayed announcing the March winner, but now we're proud to say it was 52ripcity7.  The April winner was twggyy and you can check out that scoreboard here.

We've also notified our playoff participants for 2010.  These folks (and only these folks) will enter playoff forms to win an awesome Grand Prize which we are going to announce a little later on in the playoffs.  Their forms will be the same except they face a nasty set of eliminations in the early games.  Their scores will be erased after the second game of the Phoenix series and roughly half of them will get kicked off of the island after that game with half more going in each successive game until we're down to four players.  Those four will play on, accumulating points until the Blazers exit the playoffs or win the championship.  When Portland's post-season ends, so does the contest.  The person with the highest score among those final four will be declared the winner!

Here are the playoff participants in no particular order.   Monthly jersey winners automatically qualified, as did anyone who finished second in a month.  The remainder had multiple Top 20 finishes.  If your name is on this list, check your e-mail for further contest details.

RunDMCL, Jlw19788, Elephant03, Living, MavetheGreat, Darkwebs, Sir-1, Just Beachy, Chuky, Norsktroll, Baster, 52ripcity7, Krizzikins, Xurikk, Twggyy, Drpstp, Oldbaum, Brainfart, Billyjoejack, JBcooper80, PhilGB, qburke, TheGreatMon, Walkie, Runman47, Machairi, Cbryan, Buffduck, Blazing Jim, OldSchool, Sterles, and Cabhorn

Congratulations to all of the winners and playoff participants!  We hope the rest of you enjoyed the contest for the year.  You can look forward to it again next season!

--Dave (