Another Rudy hot interview.


"It is true that many times I'm not happy with myself, I have been discouraged in some games and I have had bad attitude. It is something unusual, never happened to me before. I am a little bit disappointed with myself." "The reasons for this situation? "It´s (a little bit of) everything. There are many games. I have to get confidence by myself, because other ones don´t give it to me (clearly he means coaches don´t trust on him). Every year a player has to grow mentally and this year I've matured a lot" (You can read he´s lost the exciment/naifness in the process). "I have spoken many times with coach," said Rudy. But convinced by his explanations? "Let it be that we have talked enough," he replied in Spanish. In many cases Fernandez has said that his current role is to create spaces in Portland offense, a very different role to the one he enjoyed last season. When asked if he thinks he´s able to convince his coach that he can also be a playmaker, he replied: "Pasapalabra." (That´s the word used in a TV contest to pass to the next question). That´s why it has been much speculation about his future and there has been taking about a possible return to Europe: "There has been much comment about where I can go next year, but the truth is that I have a contract with Portland and I can only think about this team. Looking at this summer, I´d like to meditate, to be with my family and make a decision. " "It's nothing new that I am not happy with my role in Portland this year. Last season I was an important player and this year I'm not. It is true that I had an injury, but I had very good games and then I saw that I didn´t get the confidence I had received last year "he said. He doesn´t rule out a come back to Europe. For now, "nothing has been decided," he quickly clarifies, but a return to Europe is not ruled out. And Fernandez do not see it as a failure: "Nothing in life has to be a failure." "I wanted this experience, to compete against the best, and see how it is this league. There are many talented European players who finished their careers in Europe, Sarunas Jasikevicius and Antoine Rigaudeau for example. I enjoy playing, either here in Europe or in Beijing, "he added. And do you enjoy now? "I have to. I have spoken with many people and they have made me see the positive side of everything," he said. "Now I have to feel good, give my best and try to play better every minute I´m on the court" said Rudy, who said that during the season there were five players who could play at his same position. Asked about whether his game is compatible with that of the Blazers star, Brandon Roy, he said: "We are different. He has an innate talent, he is amazing. I try to focus on keep on improving as a player."