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Brandon Roy Leaves Lakers Game With Knee Pain, Did Not Return, MRI Scheduled, Status Unknown


During the second quarter of this afternoon's game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Brandon Roy left the game with pain in his right knee.  Roy sat on the bench, fiddling with his right knee in obvious discomfort, and soon retreated to the locker with Trainer Jay Jensen. 

During halftime, the Blazers sent out a text message to media stating, "Portland Guard Brandon Roy (right knee pain) will not return."  

Jason Quick notes...

Roy had a meniscus tear in his right knee that forced him to miss parts of his junior year at Washington. He had left knee surgery in August of 2008.

The Blazers have two games left in their regular season -- on Monday versus the Oklahoma City Thunder and on Wednesday versus the Golden State Warriors -- and the playoffs are set to begin next weekend.  Roy has missed 15 games so far this season due to injury.  The Blazers are 7-8 in those games.

Update (2:25 PM):

ESPN is reporting via twitter that Roy will undergo an MRI.

Update (3:55 PM):

The AP report is up but doesn't include any new specifics.

Roy, the Blazers' leading scorer with 21.8 points per game, played 11 minutes in the first half before the Blazers ruled him out at halftime with knee soreness. Roy had struggled with a sore back in recent days, missing practice to rest up for the playoffs.

Update (4:09PM):

Nate McMillan on Brandon Roy's injury via The Columbian.

"Yeah, we're hoping that it's not too serious. We decided to hold him the second half and get some x-rays and we'll look at him again tomorrow."

Update (4:55PM):

Jason Quick with the latest and most detailed version yet, confirming that an MRI will be performed...

"The second time I went in, I just couldn't make any moves on it,'' Roy said. "It didn't feel right. It didn't feel right at all.''

"If we meet and there is nothing there, then I will have that confidence to go out there and keep trying to play on it,'' Roy said. "But if there is something there he can let me know what my options are.''

Update (6:19PM):

Here's postgame video of Roy via Andrew R. Tonry of Portland Roundball Society.

Update (6:39PM):

Here's a transcript of Roy's comments on the video pertaining to his health. Questions are paraphrased and in bold.  Roy's answers are word for word in blockquote.

Initial statement

My knee locked up a little bit.

How will you decide whether you play tomorrow?

That's something I think something coach will be involved in. It's too hard to say for tomorrow. He says its something that I can continue to play, who knows I may have to wait until Wednesday. I think that will be more of a group discussion with Coach and the doctor.

What are they calling it right now?

Right now, it's a sprained knee. I didn't bump knees, me and Ron were going at each other and my foot got caught, my knee kept going. Felt like I sprained it. Basically gotta wait until tonight to try to get an MRI. If not, I can go in on the morning to see if I did anything. But it just didn't feel right going back out there trying to play.

You injured the same knee in high school. Did it feel similar?

It felt similar. It feels similar because I tried to go back and play then. But they took a lot of the meniscus out then so I don't even know how much is left. We really just have to wait and see. It's a waiting game now just to see what's happening.

Does this worry you?

It does. The good thing I'm going back and can find out tonight. I'm anxious to know what's going on.

Is this meniscus or ligament? 

I hope not ligament. Feels kind of like meniscus. I just don't know... "I called the doctor back home and he doesn't even know how much [meniscus] there because he didn't do the last surgery. We just have to wait to see what the film shows.

What are your feelings like right now?

It's disappointing. One thing I've never been able to control is the injuries. Something I've got to just -- you know I can't get too down. I got to try to make sure I stay positive. It's hard. We're going into the playoffs and this is when you want to play. I never thought I wouldn't be able to play in the playoffs. We'll see. I don't know. It could be nothing, something I just need to rest, I just sprained it.

Would your approach to playing be different if you were fighting to make the playoffs versus fighting to get a certain seed?

I would rush back if we were fighting for a playoff spot. But even tonight, I was trying to go back out there, we are trying to fight for a higher seed, but it just wasn't feeling right. I caught the ball, and I was like 'let me just pass it' [because] I don't feel like I couldn't move. It just felt weird. I just told coach, 'This just feels too weird.'  Running around just doesn't feel right.

This post will update as more information becomes available.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter