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Gameday Open Thread (Post-Game): Blazers Beat LA 91-88

Here is your post-game thread.  Savor the 91-88 victory over Los Angeles right here.  

The latest information on Brandon Roy's knee injury is over here.  

Standings watch: The win moves the Blazers back into a tie with the San Antonio Spurs for 7th in the Western Conference at 49-31.  The Blazers hold the tie-breaker and would play the Dallas Mavericks if the playoffs started today.  The Blazers are now just 1/2 game behind the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 6th seed, but the Thunder could extend that to a full game with a win at Golden State tonight. The Blazers and the Thunder square off in Portland tomorrow night.

Dave's game recap will be up later this afternoon.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter