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Today's Poll: April Record

A lot has been said about how hot this Blazers team has been since the additions of Marcus Camby and Nicolas Batum. Back on March 1, I asked you to predict the Blazers' record for the month (They went 11-2). Just 7% predicted that the team would win 11 or more of its 13 games. I can't remember a smaller success rate in the last two seasons of sporadic polling. Blazersedge is a land of exceedingly high expectations and solid predictions; In March, thanks in large part to Camby and Batum, the Blazers blew us away.

Now let's turn our sights to April. The last month of the regular season features 7 games in 14 days. Here's the full breakdown (bold home)...

@Nuggets, @Kings, @Clippers, Mavericks, @Lakers, Thunder, Warriors

Here's a calendar version and the current playoff standings for your reference.

The Blazers will play more games on the road (4) than at home (3). The most menacing stretch is a road-and-home back-to-back against Los Angeles and Oklahoma City.

Time to vote. List your vote in the comments, make a prediction for the team's playoff seed and feel free to pose any questions you might have about the upcoming schedule or opponents.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter