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The Dontonio Wingcast Episode 021

Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton and I are back with a super duper episode of The Dontonio Wingcast.  In this 54 minute episode taped this morning, we..

  • Spend the first 20 minutes previewing MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics conference.  KP2 acts as field trip coordinator in explaining what I can expect, what I should be prepared to learn, what I should be prepared not to say to avoid embarrassing him, whether there will be violence between the various stat nerd cliques and what stat nerd clique gang colors I should wear.
  • Discuss playoff projection systems: how they work, how the various projection systems differ and how the Blazers are stacking up.  KP2 reveals his playoff projection for the Blazers and we discuss which seeds are potentially in play and what factors (external and internal) could influence the team's final seeding.  
  • Parse through the road trip results, discussing Batum's breakout, Roy's improvement, Camby's addition, Webster's subtraction, and Bayless's future in or out of the rotation.  

You can subscribe to our iTunes feed or stream/download the mp3 here: Download The Dontonio Wingcast 021The mp3 is 49 megabytes.

-- Ben Golliver | ( | Twitter