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PG Paradise?

I don't know if you were keeping track, but the just-completed five-game road trip included nearly every point guard that's ever been rumored to be available in connection to the Blazers.  Well, perhaps "every" is an exaggeration.  People talk about point guards a lot.  But we certainly witnessed a supposedly-available-point-guard tour de force in the last week.  To wit:

New Jersey--Devin Harris

Of all of the names supposedly on the block I tend to believe this one the least.  People assume that by virtue of their likely-single-digit win total this year New Jersey has to make major moves.  Maybe so, but it makes no sense to revamp a completely awful team by trading away one of the two or three players who has shown they can be something more than completely awful.  You don't get better by trading away your best players, but your worst.  But Harris has had a rough season.  I can't imagine he's all that happy in New Jersey.  And his contract is certainly reasonable enough to acquire.

Toronto-- Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack

The Raptors have two pretty good point guards.  Jack is really reasonably priced for a starter.  Calderon is quite expensive for a reserve.  It may make sense to keep both.  On the other hand Toronto may have needs great enough to consider parting with one or the other.  Calderon was a hot topic last off-season.  Jack hasn't been brought up, but wouldn't the irony be delicious?

Chicago--Kirk Hinrich

No name was bandied about more last summer.  He's older than the other prospects, he's expensive-ish, but he brings qualities the Blazers could use.

Minnesota--Ramon Sessions

If you count the eventually-incoming Ricky Rubio Minnesota has acquired three point guards in the last year.  Each probably merits playing time.  Only two, at most, can get it.  Minnesota's roster also has more holes than Mill Lacs Lake in January.  (They ice fish, you see...)  Jonny Flynn is not going anywhere but chances are good the 'Wolves would be willing to part with Sessions.  Would they be willing to trade the rights to a tardy Rubio?  Probably not.  But you never know.  Maybe if the offer was sweet enough?  We should probably leave his name out though.

Memphis--Mike Conley Jr.

Personally I have a hard time seeing this one as well.  Lionel Hollins seems to like him.  He's a starter on a team without much depth.  You'd have to replace him with a starter at least.  But his name has been bandied about so we'll include him on the list.


At least five of those six names have generated interest from Blazer fans recently.  So I'm going to throw open the question today:  Having seen these guys play, if I told you I could swing a trade this summer that did not involve the Big Three or Nic Batum and I could get you one of these guards, would you want any of them or do you prefer the guards we have already to these candidates?  Let's not go into specific cost here.  Assume they'd be replacing one of our current point guards at least...could be Miller or Bayless.  In most cases you'd be losing another player as well but you might also get another player back.  I'm pretty sure we can find deals that would be attractive to both sides including these players.  Given that, would you consider taking a stab at one of these guys?

Comment below.  Keep it reasonable and enjoy!

--Dave (

P.S.  A request:  Please take the question and debate for what they're worth.  It's a theoretical discussion of pros and cons.  Let's enjoy it for what it is.  To that end, let me head off two types of comments at the pass. 

One, it's not that helpful hearing from fans of the teams mentioned above saying, "Hey!  My guy's not available, you jerk!  Or at least not for anything short of Brandon Roy!!!"  I have stated clearly that we're talking about rumors which have made the rounds recently.  They may not be accurate rumors.  The conversation is still interesting.  Now, if you're a fan of another team who wants to jump in and discuss pros and cons of these guys and of their Blazer counterparts, by all means join in!  But we already know that any deal is unlikely, especially among the more coveted of these players.

Two, I am really not interested in hearing from Blazer fans calling me or anyone else a traitor for even considering moving any of our players, nor that I don't value our point guards.  For one thing I just said this discussion is theoretical, brought about by the serendipity of seeing all of these rumored guards in a week.  Second, the option is clearly offered to say that our own point guards are preferable to any of the names listed.  If you want to make that argument give us some reasons why...reasons beyond, "I am so sick of you guys hating on our players!"  That, in case you are wondering, does not say a thing about the value of our guards.  Third, I guarantee you Kevin Pritchard and Tom Penn and the scouts and coaches have these discussions on a regular basis.  They wouldn't be doing their jobs if they didn't.   That being the case, it's OK for us to talk about it too.