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Today's Poll: March Record

Well, I failed pretty hard this year in remembering to do these monthly prediction polls. The last one was in December. Yes, December. Before Greg Oden, Joel Przybilla and Brandon Roy all missed extended stretches and before, even, the unforgettable 2010 Shavlik Randolph Reunion Tour. My bad.

December wasn't as bad as it probably should have been (9-6), January was brutal (7-8) and February was slightly better (7-6). March, as it often does, promises new hope. The Blazers will play just 13 games in 31 days. Here's the full breakdown (bold home)...

@Grizzlies, Pacers, @Nuggets, Kings, @Warriors, @Kings, Raptors, Wizards, @Suns, Mavericks, @Hornets, @Thunder, Knicks

Here's a calendar version and the current playoff standings for your reference.

The Blazers will play more games on the road (7) than at home (6) but the longest trips this month are 2 sets of back-to-backs. And 8 of the 13 games are against teams that would be in the lottery if the season ended today.

Enough talk. Time to vote. List your vote in the comments, discuss any and all predictions for the month and feel free to pose any questions you might have about the upcoming schedule or opponents.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter